Goodell: Reps from 14 cities scouting out Philly draft

PHILADELPHIA -- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said representatives from 14 different cities attended the draft site in Philadelphia this week to scout out a potential 2018 bid.

He downplayed an ESPN report suggesting Dallas was the favorite to host the event next year.

"I don't know who came up with that, but there are 14 cities here that wouldn't agree with that," Goodell said Thursday. "They really love the draft. I think they see the opportunity here. There's a lot of competition for this, and I think Philadelphia has raised the bar. One of the things we want to take from this experience is to see what went well, see what went wrong and see what we can improve on.

"Other cities are obviously watching. There are 14 here and we're going to raise the bar. So I think the bids will change in the next couple of weeks."

Goodell, who was speaking at an NFL Play 60 event in the shadow of Thursday's draft site, did not provide a definitive timetable on when the next draft site would be announced.

The commissioner added on NFL Network later: "When we left New York, we really found out that this was a great opportunity to engage more fans. And now I think we're going to continue to move it around. Whether we'll do it every year, I think that is a different question. But clearly we have, I think, 14 cities here that are all interested in hosting the draft. Once we get done with this draft we'll sit down and we'll take a look at it and make a decision."

Goodell did compliment the city of Philadelphia. As the event was closing up, the lengthy draft compound leading to the podium at the base of the city's Museum of Art was just about finished, with fans already congregating outside. The city expected roughly 200,000 attendees over the course of the three-day event.

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