Golden Tate says Lions opponents know their plays

This year's popular way to throw shade at your head coach and/or offensive coordinator has been established: Tell reporters the other team knew what you were doing.

While this very well may be coincidence, it is odd that frustrated players from both the 1-2 Eagles and 0-3 Lions have already made public claims about the predictability of their offense, or at least the defense's ability to decipher signals and tendencies.

Here's Lions receiver Golden Tate, the latest to speak up on the matter:

"I've had a couple occasions in literally each game where they called out our play for one, then afterwards been like 'Hey, we knew what you guys were doing,'" Tate said on Detroit's 105.1 FM. "I don't know how they know or what film they're watching that we're giving away. ... That's something we got to go back and watch our tendencies and figure out where we line up or how we line up or what formation or whatever it may be."

If this is true -- Eagles wideout Josh Huff walked back on his claim when confronted by Eagles head coach Chip Kelly -- this is not a claim to be taken lightly.

Players are not only at an extreme disadvantage schematically, but their safety is also at risk. Jim Caldwell has said multiple times that he is not taking over the play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, so where do the Lions go from here?

Like Ben McAdoo in New York, there is often a period of struggle when position coaches come over from high-powered offenses but have never called the plays before. Lombardi had an excellent first year in Detroit, but this is his first second year, meaning that he had no definitive idea how well defenses would adapt to his system.

If Tate sticks by his story unlike Huff, it's something Lombardi will have to repair in a hurry.

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