Golden Tate on Barry Church's plan: Never heard of him

Dallas Cowboys safety Barry Churchwants to get revenge onDetroit Lions receiver Golden Tate for a hit the wideout put on teammate Sean Lee two years ago.

Tate's first reaction when he heard of the vendetta: Who is Barry Church?

"Man, I don't know this guy," said Tate, per the Detroit News. "I just now heard of him yesterday from this incident. He's trying to get on the scene, I guess, so we'll see."

The hit came in 2012 when Tate was with the Seattle Seahawks. The devastating blindside block resulted in no flag, but the receiver was subsequently fined.

Tate dismissed Church trying to stir the pot, but wondered why a player who wasn't involved in the play is sticking his nose into a situation. In the end, the Lions' wideout said he's not worried about Church hitting him, so long as it's legal.

"I think I'm a tough guy who can take a lot of hits," he said. "He may try to hit me and hurt himself."

Then again, Tate -- arguably the Lions team MVP this season -- could just run by the five-year veteran.

"You can't hit what you can't catch," Tate said.

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