Glazer still making noise in the Total Access League

It's getting really interesting in the Total Access fantasy league with six teams within two games of the lead in their respective divisions. That means that wins will be precious during the final few weeks of the regular season. For a lot of teams, the playoff push begins Sunday.

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Last week was a bad one all around for Fran Charles. But this week, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are back and with Jim Mora's Lions across the way, it's a good chance to get healthy in the standings. Mora's matchups aren't particularly inviting, so pulling off his second win of the season could be tough.

Predicted outcome: Charles will be feeling Fran-tastic after a Week 8 win.

After a quick start, Andrew Siciliano (Team Auto Draft) has slowed down. And with Aaron Rodgers on a bye, it will be tough to avoid a third straight loss. It shouldn't inspire confidence when Baldinger's roster boasts Drew Brees and Calvin Johnson.

Predicted outcome: Baldinger wins, inspiring hope for a last-ditch playoff run.

While no one was looking, Jay Glazer (Team Hebrew) rose to the top of his division and is on track to lock up the second seed in the playoffs. For that, he can thank the Cam Newton phenomenon. This week, he can thank the Packers, Jets and Raiders for having byes and taking a big chunk out of Paul Burmeister's roster.

Predicted outcome: Everything's kosher for Team Hebrew in another win.

Jamie Dukes is just a game behind Lindsay Soto, which means he needs to keep winning to keep pace. That will be a tall order with a roster full of questionable matchups this week. The good news is that the same can be said of Willie McGinest this week.

Predicted outcome: In a squeaker, Dukes Duds come out clean.

Lindsay Soto (YoFace) is sitting with the league's best record, but will lose Matt Forte to the bye this week. It will be up to Matt Stafford and LeSean McCoy to pick up the slack. For Dave Dameshek's Kool Kats to spring the upset, he'll need something from the quarterback spot. That will be tough with Josh Freeman on a bye and Sam Bradford out with an injury.

Predicted outcome: Soto stays on top with a relatively easy Week 8 win.

With a playoff berth within his grasp, Adam Rank (Henne) will need to stay sharp against Torry Holt (Greatest Show). The Eli Manning-Fred Jackson combo has served Rank well and could be big again this week. He'll have to hope it is if he wants the win.

Predicted outcome: Henne lives! So does his playoff hopes.

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