Gimme 5: New contenders for the next decade

1. New York Jets

Looking into a crystal ball is not advised given all the volatility and worst-to-first scenarios that seem to pop up every year in the NFL. Still, it's interesting to take a calculated look at the 32 teams and try to predict which could become the Patriots, Steelers, Colts and Eagles in this new decade.

The ingredients for long-term success start with a franchise quarterback and a solid young defense. It is also necessary to have young playmakers on offense, a strong front office and stability in the coaching staff.

The Jets already possess a young quarterback who has two road playoff victories under his belt in Mark Sanchez. Their defense will always be aggressive under the direction of Rex Ryan. The young offensive line will have a top center and left tackle for the next eight to 10 seasons, and Darrelle Revis will be an elite cornerback for years to come.

The front office isn't afraid to use free agency and spend the bucks to get good players. Ryan is dynamic enough that the franchise can take chances on questionable players with great talent, and that makes them dangerous.

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