GIFs that taught us about the NFL in Week 13

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 13 through GIFs.

Well, that's that.

Giants coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese were both fired Monday in what amounts to perhaps the most titanic apology gesture in NFL history. Make no mistake here: The spectacularly short-sighted decision to bench Eli Manning, to end the quarterback's consecutive starts streak and imperil the long-term relationship between one of football's most successful franchises and one of its shining sons, was a true team effort. But it all started with McAdoo, and no one had the sense to snuff out a bad idea before it became an all-time organizational blunder.

Giants fans won't want to hear this, but I'm left feeling a bit sorry for McAdoo. Here was a guy who in hindsight was obviously not qualified for the big chair. The Giants' 11-5 season in 2016 obscured that fact, but the never-ending misery of this season makes him a figure of infamy in New York sports.

Ray Handley, of course, was the Giants coach who followed Bill Parcells and flamed out after two seasons. Handley disappeared from public life after his dismissal and never coached again. Let's hope McAdoo gets another chance in an assistant capacity. Of course, that's assuming the trauma of the past few months hasn't soured him on the profession entirely.

Last note here: Reports are swirling that Eli will return to the starting lineup next Sunday, which is sensical but still pretty wild all things considered. The Giants' decision to axe the coach and GM then give Manning his job back is like your buddy who cheats on his girlfriend, gets caught, then tries to repent with a marriage proposal.

Maybe ownership has done enough to save the relationship between player and team, but one can understand if Manning remains ticked.

From an unintentional comedy standpoint, one of my favorite visuals of the 2017 season is Marcus Peters jogging back to the Chiefs sideline late in the fourth quarter on Sunday against the Jets. The man was not fully dressed, having mistakenly been under the impression that he had been ejected minutes earlier for picking up an official's penalty flag and firing it into the crowd.

This led to a debate on Sunday's Around The NFL Podcast about where taking one's socks off falls in the end-of-day disrobing routine. Clearly, it's a starting point for Kansas City's over-emotional cornerback.

OK, now my favorite GIF of the year:

This makes me smile. It will always make me smile.

True story: Alvin Kamara, a man selected by the Saints with the 67th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, is on pace for 1,600 yards of total offense and 14 touchdowns this season. He averages 7.0 yards per rush and 10.4 yards per reception. Kamara is a human highlight machine ... and he's the No. 1 reason why you should be plugged in on Day 2 of draft coverage -- preferably on NFL Network, but whatever.

Legitimate question born out of out-of-touch white guy naïveté: Can you eat while wearing your grill? Because if I had a goldmine in my mouth and had to remove it every time I had lunch, I can guarantee you I'd end up absent-mindedly leaving it on the condiment shelf of a taco truck within a month. There's just no chance that wouldn't happen.

You want to get girls? Learn how to play guitar.

When you go 14-2 every year, you have to shake things up every once in awhile just to keep things interesting. You gotta spice things up! That's what I took from this shouty exchange between Tom Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels during a ho-hum 23-3 win over the Bills in Buffalo. I'm no lip-reader, but I'm guessing the conversation went something like this:

Yep, that's definitely how it went down.

We're going to waive the five-year waiting period and induct this man straight into the Cool Dad Hall Of Fame. Great seats, quick thinking, and perfect execution on the dip and lift to retrieve a priceless keepsake for the young boy. Dad's even wearing a vintage Mark Gastineau jersey on, which is all class.

Well done, all around.

Love that understated little ball flip from DeAndre Hopkins. It's like he's saying, "Can you believe I'm still one of the best wide receivers in the league with Tom Savage throwing me the ball? Tom Savage, guys!"

The Eagles hold the title belt for best team celebrations this year, but the Jags' foul shooting idea was a brilliant twist on the dunk-over-the-crossbar trope. My only wish is that Leonard Fournette's shot clanked off the iron so we could see which of the big man could actually box out. Winning is all about mastering the fundamentals.

You know what they say: When the injury tent's a rockin', don't come-a knockin'. Seriously, don't go in. There's probably a guy peeing in there.

Until next week.

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