GIFs that help explain Week 3: Belichick has little time for hugs

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 3 through GIFs.

Come on, Bill. We know you're sour about the suboptimal performance by your Patriots on Sunday night, but show some love to your boy Matt Patricia. This was the biggest night of Patricia's career -- a night that came after two weeks of bitter disappointment and unyielding criticism for the former Pats defensive coordinator. The CLASSY move would have been to give your former protege one of those extended sports man hugs. You know the one -- it's a suspended embrace while one guy speaks into the other guy's ear for 10 seconds before the other guy gives the "That means a lot to me, man" head nod. How hard would that have been?

Well, we are talking about this guy:

Think of the children, Bill!

There's no worse sight as a sports fan than your quarterback on The Cart. It's like you're watching your entire season, the hopes and dreams of your favorite team, being transported out of existence. The look on Garoppolo's face says it all, too. This was supposed to be the season in which he established himself as a premier quarterback and signature franchise star. Instead, he'll spend the next year rehabbing a serious knee injury before entering the 2019 season at 27 years old with just 10 career starts. The Football Gods can be cruel.

I have to give Clay Matthews credit: Given the insane circumstances that he currently finds himself in -- that, of course, being the NFL's current ongoing effort to gaslight him into believing he is the league's dirtiest player -- Matthews really did a nice job controlling himself on Sunday. Matthews got hit with his second suspect personal foul for roughing the passer in as many weeks, and a man with lesser control could have gotten himself ejected ... or worse. I've had more visceral (and embarrassing) meltdowns playing "Madden."

Packers coach Mike McCarthy had a reaction that was more in line with how many of us would have handled such an obvious miscarriage of justice:

Kind of stunned McCarthy didn't get flagged. Then again, it feels like even the refs know the NFL's more stringent policy on quarterback protection puts defenses in an impossible position.

Does anyone find the current relationship between Earl Thomas and the Seattle Seahawks kind of, well, weird? The summer holdout was one thing, but now Thomas is sitting out practices without team permission, essentially daring the Seahawks to discipline their best defender. Or ... trade him, perhaps even to the Dallas Cowboys, who Seattle beat up on Sunday. Also weird/surreal, Thomas bowing to the Cowboys sideline after his second interception of the game. Translation: "I hope you enjoyed my show. If you'd like, I can perform on your behalf every Sunday."

J.J. Watt is back. Well, he's been back for a few weeks now, but Sunday was the first time he ransacked a stat sheet like the good old days. Watt had three sacks, one other tackle for loss and one forced fumble against the Giants. It came in a losing effort for the 0-3 Texans, but this was an important game for Watt, who, you may recall, was the most dominant defensive player since Lawrence Taylor before his body started to turn on him. Let's see more days like this.

How good are things going for the Chiefs' offense? They even get a shooter's roll during their touchdown celebrations. Look at that sucker touch every part of the "rim" before rattling home!

Who's in the mood for pure, unadulterated athleticism?

Gorgeous. In other Lions news, Kerryon Johnson became the first Detroit running back in almost five years to rush for 100 yards in a game. Lions fans, who have always had a sense of humor about themselves, had the awareness to celebrate the achievement in real time:

The boys on the bench had a good time as well:

For the teams with a permanent residency on the Pain Rankings, you have to enjoy life's small victories as they come. Speaking of which, I'd love to see someone try to explain this scene to a Browns fan who just woke up from a 20-year coma.

Of course, the Bud Light was finally unlocked on Thursday night. Dilly dilly and all that.

And that's what it's all about. Hope is a good thing, friends. The very best thing.

Until next week.

Dan Hanzus writes two columns a week for and hosts the award-winning Around The NFL Podcast. Follow him on Twitter if you want.

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