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Giants will take control of NFC East with win over Cowboys

Albert Breer went 12-3 with his predictions in Week 13 and is now 124-66 for the season. How will he fare in Week 14? His picks are below, with home teams listed second:

Baltimore remains in great shape to get a first-round bye, and last week's win over Cleveland -- staying the course after an emotional victory -- was a step forward.

My guess is this winds up being one of the weekend's most entertaining contests. And I have an inkling Julio Jones could break out in a big way in Charlotte, N.C.

Mike Zimmer's defense, in my estimation, is where the rubber meets the road for the T.J. Yates-led Texans. The Bengals will do just enough to get it turned around this week.

Hard to like the way that the Lions have been playing since they blew out the Broncos in Denver. But it's even harder to like the Vikings' secondary in this spot.

Raheem Morris had the look of a coach coming unraveled last Sunday. My guess is his team rallies to his defense on Sunday.

Michael Vick's return helps, but the Eagles defense won't be capable of stopping the Dolphins controlling from the pace of the game at the line of scrimmage.

Last week, Shonn Greene told me coming off the field that his two fourth-quarter touchdown runs signified a return to playing "Jet Football." Cliché? Yup. But there's truth in it, too.

The Titans will show America why the Niners have a chance against the Saints and Packers in the playoffs, by playing brutally physical on defense. And that'll keep it close.

The Redskins' pass rush presents serious issues for New England. Washington's chances of pulling this off, though, will ride on Rex Grossman's ability to exploit the Patriot secondary.

Niners get to 11-2, heading into their Monday Night showcase against the Steelers. And in that one, a first-round bye could well be at stake for both teams.

Consider me checked in on Tim Tebow (as an option QB), and checked out on Caleb Hanie. And give me Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil against that Bears line every day of the week.

Green Bay isn't entirely happy with the way that last one went at the Meadowlands. And the Raiders simply are in the way of this freight train.

Philip Rivers told me he's encouraged the Chargers finally got themselves right in Jacksonville. It's probably too late, but it would set up an interesting one against Baltimore next week.

That theory that the Packers loss could propel the Giants like the Patriot loss in 2007 did? I'll buy it, to a degree. No world title this time, but maybe an NFC East crown.

Gotta love how Pete Carroll has his team playing, and the direction Seattle is going. And it's hard not to like the Seahawks' draw this week, with Tom Brandstater piloting the Rams.

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