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Giants' Rolle skeptical of Patriots' praise leading to Super Bowl

The "speak no evil" approach of the New England Patriots heading into Super Bowl XLVI is familiar territory for the New York Giants and safety Antrel Rolle, no stranger to speaking out himself.

That doesn't mean Rolle is taking the Patriots at their word, though.

A skeptical Rolle said the Patriots have established a pattern of praising everyone before and after games, and little should be taken from their compliments of the Giants.

"Typical Patriot fashion," Rolle said of the team's comments, according to the New York Daily News. "They give compliments to everyone they play."

Rolle cited the Giants' 24-20 win against the Patriots in Week 9 as good reason why New England should praise the Giants. But he said he and his teammates are taking the effusive compliments for exactly what they're worth.

"Before the game, after the game, you give them their respect," Rolle said. "But during the game, there's no respect at all."

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