Giants GM not worried about OBJ: 'Social media is evil'

Fake news. Overused memes. Star wide receivers expressing disinterest in preseason snaps. In this upside-down world we live in, New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman knows one thing is for sure: The internet is the bad place.

"Let me tell you something, social media is evil," Gettleman declared Wednesday at his NFL Scouting Combine presser.

Out of context, this is a good quote, a true philosophy, a commentary on the state of affairs in discourse today. Considering what Odell Beckham said over the weekend, it works just as well.

In response to a fan tweet Saturday that begged him not to play in the 2018 preseason, the Giants wide receiver virtually nodded in agreement, tweeting "0." Taking into consideration Beckham's purgatorial contract situation and his history with preseason injuries, his tweet was taken that either OBJ, still rehabbing his ankle, won't be healthy to play in the preseason or that a standoff might eventually come about with the first-year Gettleman-Pat Shurmur regime.

The veteran GM was having non of that, telling reporters he's "not losing sleep" over Beckham's online comments and that the two will start off with a "clean slate."

Shurmur followed suit, adding that Beckham has "been through" Big Blue's facility for rehab, but doesn't know if he'll be ready for training camp.

For more, stay tuned here to the internet, your source of all things football, fun and nefarious smut-mongering.

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