Giants form committee to curb late-game stumbles

Here are a couple of crushing facts from the Giants' doomed 2015 season: Seven of their 10 defeats came by a combined total of 18 points. They had a lead with 1:45 to play in five of those losses. Five!

So yeah, it was a problem -- one new head coach Ben McAdoo intends to correct in 2016. To do that, McAdoo has announced plans to form a six-person "game-management team" to identify and correct Big Blue's big problem with closing.

"(It's going to) make sure we're on the same page going into the game, and that we're seeing the same things as the game develops," McAdoo said Wednesday at the NFL Annual Meeting, according to the New York Daily News.

The game-management team will focus on the two-minute offense at the end of the first half and the two-minute (or four-minute) offense at the end of the game. The team will meet once per week, on Friday or Saturday mornings.

"It's like anything else: It starts with communication first," McAdoo said. "The more we can be on the same page and have open lines of communication and have guys willing to speak up at the end of games to ensure that that gets done, it's important."

Give McAdoo credit for being plugged in on a major team inefficiency, though he better be considering the former offensive coordinator had a front-row seat for the carnage. If this committee solves the Giants' issues, get ready for seven-, eight-, nine-, and 12-person strategy collectives popping up across America.

It's a copycat league, you know.

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