Giants' defense now dead last, but who is to blame?

The Giants were embarrassed about giving up a Seahawks franchise record of 350 rushing yards on Sunday. But wait until they hear this.

The Seahawksdoubled the highest number of classified runs ever called for Russell Wilson, according to, giving him 10 on the day for Seattle. He finished with 107 yards, which was just 15 yards shy of his career high.

Marshawn Lynch was not the only one gouging Perry Fewell's defense.

Statistics like this seem to contradict the current narrative surrounding the Giants, which implies that the team is soft and heartless. When a team calls 10 designed quarterback runs and is that successful (the Giants, by the way, are now dead last in the NFL in total defense) part of the blame needs to fall on the coordinators and management.

The Giants had every opportunity to build their team into a unit that could slow down a mobile quarterback and stop a physical running game this offseason but failed to do so. They also had a bye week at the end of October to do some advance scouting on Seattle, where they would find a tendency for the Seahawks to keep going to designed quarterback runs when the opening is there.

Antrel Rolle, Jason Pierre-Paul and the rest of the Giants' stars on defense can continue to take the blame for what has been a disappointing season. But do they have enough help? Are they being put in the right places?

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