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Giants CB Webster: 'I think I'm the best thing out there'

The majority of the players on the New York Giants -- and the New England Patriots, for that matter -- have shied from any controversial comments this week before heading off to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI.

Giants cornerback Corey Webster, much like wide receiver Mario Manningham, didn't play the mutual respect card when talking to reporters Friday. Instead, Webster offered up what seems to be his honest assessment on Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker and where he believes he ranks among the league's top defensive backs.

"I don't know if it's that Welker is the challenge, or he has a great person throwing him the ball," Webster said, via the New York Daily News. "Kind of throwing off the timing between the quarterback and the receivers, I think, will help us a lot."

Webster spent the majority of the Giants' regular-season win over the Patriots guarding Deion Branch, according to the Daily News, while teammate Aaron Ross lined up opposite Welker. In Super Bowl XLII, Webster was assigned to Randy Moss.

Webster drew the San Francisco 49ers' No. 1 wideout, Michael Crabtree, during the NFC Championship Game, and limited him to a 3-yard reception. The seven-year veteran certainly doesn't lack confidence after a career-high six interceptions this season, telling reporters his play places him in the Darrelle Revis class of cornerbacks.

"I think I'm great," Webster said, adding that his fellow defensive backs "feel the same way."

"I think I'm the best thing out there. I don't think I'm second to nobody."

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