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Giants' Boley doesn't care about Coughlin's sideline criticism

When New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin offered up a scathing postgame assessment of his team's 17-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, it didn't exactly fall on deaf ears.

Coughlin opened up the flood gates when he said the Giants' running game was "pathetic" and the team was "manhandled" by the Eagles. Injured linebacker Michael Boley, who took in the game from somewhere other than the field, heard Coughlin's criticism.

Then, he basically ignored it.

"I mean, it's his assessment," said Boley, according to the New York Daily News. "I've always said, coaches coach, players play. We (are) in the trenches. We really know what goes on out there. For someone on the side to say this doesn't happen, it doesn't mean nothing to me."

Coughlin, in turn, didn't seem too concerned about what Boley had to say.

"I don't worry about it, if it's what I think is truthful," Coughlin said. "I'm not going to embarrass any one individual, nor am I going to speak before I think about it. But when you're upset the way I was upset, I don't really think there's anyone who would take a real issue with what I said."

So Coughlin admits his frustration, but also acknowledges his words were premeditated. It seems as though his message got through.

Boley and running back Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) likely will be evaluated during the middle of the week to see when they can return to practice, the Daily News reported. Coughlin hinted the team would be cautious with Bradshaw, who has missed the past three games.

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