Giants' Ben McAdoo not worried about job security

If Ben McAdoo is in the market for a new vehicle, he won't need the heated seats option. His is already warm enough.

The Giants coach isn't acknowledging any pressure or heat he might be feeling, though, even after his team's worst loss of the season.

"No, that doesn't have anything to do with anything," McAdoo said Sunday when asked if he's worried about his job security now that Big Blue is 1-8. "We have to find a way to win a game. We have to go address what happened on the field today. Take a look at the tape. Be honest with each other."

The Giants reached rock bottom on Sunday with their 31-21 loss to the previously winless San Francisco 49ers. Common thought places McAdoo under pressure at the very least, and much more realistically on watch to possibly become the first head coach fired this season.

His players aren't exactly tuning out the whispers, but one of New York's best defenders was candid on his thoughts of his coach.

At 1-8, 2017 has become a complete disaster for a Giants team that was a trendy preseason pick to win the NFC. While traditionally measured in making such decisions, New York has the look of a team that could very realistically see its coach terminated before January. The biggest question that would remain beyond that intial move is just how far such changes would extend.

Until such a move is made (if at all), McAdoo is all about keeping the blinders on.

"What situation? We have to go correct the tape," McAdoo said when asked if he needed to address his situation with his players. "Alright. We have to get ready for the next ball game. We have a chance to play probably one of the best teams in football next week. So... there's no situation."

No situation -- until next week, when the Giants host the first-place Kansas City Chiefs. Hang around for more on this ever-crumbling "situation."

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