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Giants' Antrel Rolle questions belief of his teammates

When Tom Coughlin decided to allow some of his veteran players to rise within his leadership structure, he had people like Antrel Rolle in mind.

Rolle has always been good at relaying a version of Coughlin's message that seems to resonate well with the players, and following last night's 40-24 loss, he didn't disappoint.

"Whether I believe or not ... if we go 0-16, I'm always going to believe until the day I leave this game," Rolle said in the locker room following the loss. "But we've got to believe in ourselves as an entire unit, and right now, I don't know if that's happening."

Rolle pulled a similar stunt last year when the Giants were in the midst of an 0-6 spiral, and even though it didn't result in a winning record, it did see the Giants pull within a game of legitimate playoff consideration.

Now, Rolle is attempting to help Coughlin out once again and prod his teammates as they prepare for a short week and cross-country flight to Seattle.

Will the Giants respond in the most difficult environment football has to offer? Or are we finally seeing some of the old tricks start to lose their potency?

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