Get off the couch with this NFL inspired workout

*The 2015 NFL season is here! Players throughout the league have finished up workouts designed to bring their game to the next level. As the season kicks off, NFL Up! has a workout inspired by some of the NFL's best players. It's time to get off that couch.


Repeat the below circuit three times. Rest 20-30 seconds in between each exercise to keep your heart rate up. Remember to stretch before and after your workout.* *

For more tips on stretching, check out these exercises and drills.

1. Foam Roller
Depending on your condition level, traditional stretching might not be the best option. For a warm up, try this foam roller drill to ready your muscles with direct pressure.
Reps: Start low, toward the ankle or calf, and work your way up.

2. Walking Lunges
A big part of any athlete's game is stability. Get this workout started with your lower body and core with this walking lunge variation.
Reps: Two sets of seven to 10 steps.

3. Reverse Medicine Ball Throw
Hip strength is crucial to building power. The key for this exercise is to focus on extension and how much speed is put on the ball.
Reps: Two sets for five to 10 reps.

4. Half Kneeling Curl to an Overhead Press
It's not just all about the lower body. This exercise helps build strength with an added focus on keeping the shoulders healthy.
Reps: Three sets, eight to 10 reps.

5. Standing Band Bicep Curl
Finish the workout strong with an endurance exercise. Remember to keep the core tight and go through as many curls as possible.
Reps: Two sets for 20 seconds

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