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Get Fit: Exercises to burn off the holiday weight

*Thanksgiving is here. Not only is it a time for football and family, but it's a holiday that's synonymous with binge eating. Fortunately, we've got an NFL-inspired workout that's great for fending off heavy foods and holiday weight. It's time to put some work in and break a sweat.


Repeat the below circuit three times. Rest 20-30 seconds in between each exercise to keep your heart rate up. Remember to stretch before and after your workout.* *

For more tips on stretching, check out these exercises and drills. If you don't have access to the equipment for the following exercises, we also have this home workout that dosen't require any equipment or weights.

1. Med Ball Deceleration
Get multiple muscle groups activated to get a sweat going with this exercise.
Reps: Two sets, six to eight reps each leg.

2. Box Squats
Time for some work. This drill will help build explosive power.  
Reps: 10 reps

3. Floor Plank
The core is the foundation of any great athlete. This variation has some added difficulty with a medicine ball.  
Reps: 10 Reps

4. Trap Bar Deadlift
The shoulders and neck muscles are often overlooked, and that can lead to injury. Make sure the neck muscles are strong and durable with this deadlift variation. *
Reps: 10 reps, holding the final rep for 10 seconds.

5. Pyramid Box Jump
Plyometrics are great for getting the heart rate up and building explosive power. There should be six boxes of varying height for this one.
Reps: Complete the line of boxes three times.

*Get more workouts from Tyrann Mathieu, Antonio Brown, DeMarcus Ware, Ronnie Hillman and Brian Robison at NFL Up! You can also find quick tips and videos at the NFL Up! Instagram. *

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