Gerald McCoy: Bucs are 'a very undisciplined team'

If you're Tampa Bay head coach Lovie Smith, there's probably one player in your locker room you can't afford to lose amid this horrible season.

And on Sunday, that one player, Gerald McCoy, had some pointed criticisms about his current team.

"We're an undisciplined team, a very undisciplined team," McCoy told reporters, via the Pewter Report. "Probably the worst I've ever been on as a unit."

McCoy's main issue was with the Buccaneers' 10 penalties, which resulted in more than 70 lost yards. But his frustration seems to be universal.

Tampa Bay has now lost five straight and will play four of their final seven games on the road.

There are very few instances of progress on the horizon, either.

If you're Smith, hearing those words from a player who just signed a seven-year extension for almost $100 million, can't be comforting.

Chances are he'll be in Tampa longer than a head coach of an undisciplined team.

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