Georgia's Mark Richt wants more stringent NCAA drug policy

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The University of Georgia's policy on positive drug tests for student-athletes, which includes a suspension for 10 percent of the season on a first offense, is tougher than most schools in the Southeastern Conference.

Kentucky and Mississippi State take a similar stance on first offenses, but the rest do not. And while Georgia has pressed for a uniform policy across the league, Bulldogs coach Mark Richt made it clear Monday night that he's not interested in watering down Georgia's policy to make things even.

As the Macon Telegraph reports, he wants more lax policies to move in his direction, instead.

Said Richt:

"I'd love if everybody had the same level playing ground. That would be great. But I don't think we should go towards them to get a level playing field. I'd rather they come to us."

Georgia's season-opening game has come to be a flashpoint for the policy, as Georgia players who fail offseason tests are required to miss the game. One of Georgia's top defensive players, defensive back Josh Harvey-Clemons, has been suspended for UGA's opener against Clemson. Although there has been no confirmation that Harvey-Clemons failed a drug test, he admitted to campus police that he had smoked marijuana, according to a police report, after police were called to a residential hall in May.

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