Geno Smith's big Monday night creates familiar feeling

Geno Smith's big performance Monday night has given New York Jets fans permission to dream.

The rookie quarterback put on his big boy pants against the Atlanta Falcons, showing ability and poise in a tough enviornment. A byproduct of his game has been the predictable chatter that the Jets have (at long last!) found a difference-maker behind center.

Of course, if you're getting a Sex Panther-level whiff of déjà vu right now, that makes sense. It wasn't so long ago that Mark Sanchez was being coronated as The Next Big Thing in Gotham.

We'll allow the forgetful headline writers at the New York Daily News to prove our point.

Naturally, Smith's headline comes on the same day that Sanchez underwent season-ending -- and Jets career-ending -- surgery on his shoulder.

A star is born, a star is extinguished.

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