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Geno Smith doesn't take Rex's captain troll personally

Poor Geno Smith.

It's been a trying few months for the New York Jets' backup signal-caller. It wasn't so long ago that Smith was a player with promise, set to quarterback an improved Chan Gailey-led offense in a new era for Jets football. Then a no-name linebacker dropped him with a right hook over a $600 debt, sending the GenoCoaster off the tracks and into the swamps of Jersey.

While Smith recovered from surgery to repair a broken jaw, Ryan Fitzpatrick seized the starting job and became a productive fan favorite for the 5-3 Jets. It's still hard to believe any of this actually happened.

Being tethered to the bench after getting assaulted by a teammate is bad enough. Now Rex Ryan has engaged in a bit of humiliation double jeopardy by making IK Enemkpali a team captain for Rex Bowl I on Thursday night at MetLife Stadium.

On Tuesday, Smith was asked if he had any issue with his former coach dredging up one of the worst moments of his life in the name of publicity.

Reporter: Why don't you take it personal ... since he punched you?
Geno: Why would I?
Reporter: Because he punched you.
Geno: Next question.

I know there are a lot of people in this world that have it way worse than Geno Smith right now. I know it. I just can't think of them right now.

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