Gates trying to make Tomlinson's HOF enshrinement

Antonio Gates can attend the Hall of Fame enshrinement of former teammate LaDainian Tomlinson.

Speaking with the media Tuesday, Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said Gates has permission to go to the Hall of Fame induction for Tomlinson, via Annie Heilbrunn of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Speaking with NFL Network's Steve Mariucci on Inside Training Camp Live on Tuesday, Gates said he's hoping to attend the ceremony Saturday in Canton, Ohio.

"Coach gave me his blessings," Gates said. "He said I can go. It would be hard-pressed to think I'm going to miss a situation like that."

Gates added the travel logistics would be the biggest impediment if he somehow doesn't make it to Canton this weekend.

"Just the travel and things of that nature, and will I be able to get back in a timely fashion, so we'll see how it goes," Gates said.

Gates played alongside Tomlinson for seven years in an explosive Chargers offense, from 2003-2009. It's clear the future Hall of Fame tight end wants to see his friend put on a gold jacket in person.

The hullabaloo over the attendance of the ceremony began Monday over Gates and quarterback Philip Rivers potentially missing practice.

The issue should blow over now. Rivers plans to stay in California to attend practice, while Gates is attempting to get from L.A. to Ohio with as little disruption as possible. Given his experience and status, Gates missing one day of work is a smaller obstacle than a pebble in the road on the Chargers' march back toward the playoffs.

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