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Gase: RB depth chart move just to be an (expletive)

Teams around the league are entering the portion of summer where unofficial depth charts are released as part of game books ahead of preseason openers.

For the most part, the release is a matter of formality for the media and depth charts are fluid in the month leading to the regular season.

But it also isn't uncommon to find surprises, such as the Miami Dolphins listing Kenyan Drake or Frank Gore as the starting running back.

When asked Monday morning about the decision-making process on listing both players atop the depth chart with the "or" coordinating conjunction, coach Adam Gase provided a humorous response.

"Just to be an a--hole," Gase said, via Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post.

There is additional fun on Miami's unofficial depth, as the Dolphins list David Fales or Brock Osweiler as the No. 2 quarterback behind starter Ryan Tannehill.

Meanwhile, if there's a lesson to take from a depth chart in early August, it surrounds not placing too much stock in them.

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid once told reporters in late August 2016 that he lets his head PR person handle the responsibility of putting together the depth chart.

Reid might have been joking, but point taken.

Teams have plenty of time before the start of the regular season to sort through position battles before settling on a pecking order at each position group.

The coming month of four preseason games simply provides more opportunities for outside eyes to dissect what is an unofficial depth chart. If there's a chart to pay attention to, it is arguably the week leading to the third preseason game, where starters will often play beyond the first half.

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