Gary Kubiak won't hint at leader for Broncos' QB gig

The first preseason game didn't provide any more clarity on the Denver Broncos starting quarterback position.

As Around The NFL's Gregg Rosenthal noted in his analysis of the QB battle, Mark Sanchez had an up-and-down night and Trevor Siemian looked confident in the pocket, making several precision throws.

Following the 22-0 beat down of the Bears, coach Gary Kubiak remained mum on whether he's leaning one way or another in his choice for Week 1. Kubiak wouldn't even commit to Siemian getting more first-team reps in the second preseason game.

"I don't know," he said, per a team transcript. "I am kind of going day to day. Obviously, Mark and Trevor get starter reps in practice every day. The amount that we played our first group tonight, there's no way we could get that done. We are going to play more next week. I'll see how we do. We kind of have three games next week. We have two practices against the Niners and then play them on Saturday, so a lot of good evaluation will still take place next week."

Sanchez threw a touchdown and an interception in 13 passes in the first quarter. It was the quintessential Sanchez rollercoaster performance. Even Kubiak admitted Siemian might be the safer choice because of his experience in the offense.

"Trevor is in command of what we do," Kubiak said. "He's probably in the best command in all honesty because Mark continues to learn our offense, and he's doing a great job, but Trevor has been on for a year and a half. Trevor is in command of what we do, how we do it, what we want to get done. He just needs to play. Obviously, he hasn't played as much football as Mark has played, but Trevor is becoming a pro and he has a lot of confidence in himself."

Sanchez might own a slight lead in the competition, but interceptions like Thursday's forced pass into traffic could sink him.

"I thought it was a safe enough throw," Sanchez said. "I think (Bears corner Bryce Callahan) got his left pinkie fingernail on it and tipped it right to somebody (Jerrell Freeman). So that was unfortunate, but those things happen. You just try and eliminate those and learn from it. I won't let that happen again."

If he does let it happen again -- and his career suggests he will -- a seventh-round pick could be starting for the defending Super Bowl champs.

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