Garrett: Too early to say if Elliott will be on pitch count

Ezekiel Elliott is back in the mix after inking a six-year, $90 million contract extension.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was impressed with Elliott's first practice with the team since the running back's holdout began.

"Zeke did a great job," Garrett told reporters Thursday. "Like I said, he was in all the meetings and the walkthrough and he was limited in practice, but he did a good job working through it all. We'll just see what he's able to do today."

Garrett says the team will keep Zeke on the same plan Thursday as they ease him back to action.

"We'll start him off the same way -- dynamic warm up, individual period and just see what he's able to handle," Garrett said.

The Cowboys host NFC East rival New York Giants in their 2019 season opener on Sunday. But how much of Zeke will we see in the Cowboys' offense?

While Elliott had a strong first practice back, the team isn't stating yet whether or not the running back will be on a pitch count Sunday.

"I think it's too early for any of that," Garrett said.

However, the Cowboys aren't concerned about doing too much too soon with Elliott and are letting him decide what he feels comfortable with.

"You just want to have a plan and you recognize where he's been," Garrett said. "There's no question he's been working out, he's in good shape, his weight's good, all of that. But again he hasn't been practicing against pro football players so you just work your way back into it. He's an experienced guy. He's played a lot of football for us so we just use our best judgement based on what we see, his feedback, what he says to us -- how he feels -- all of that. You just take it step by step."

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