Game of the Week: Colts-Vikings

  NFL Game of the Week: 
 Colts 18, 
 Vikings 15 

By Gerry Reimel
NFL Films

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life" -- Dean Wurmer.

The NFL analog of that advice might go something like this: Injured, insulted and 0-2 is no way to start a season.

What's the connection? 1978. That's the year both Animal House and the NFL's 16-game regular-season made their debut. And in the 30 years since, only 27 teams that started the season 0-2 have gone on to make the postseason.

So last Sunday's game in Minnesota between the 0-1 Vikings and the 0-1 Colts meant somebody was going to leave the Metrodome in trouble. Maybe not double secret probation trouble. But trouble enough.

        9 Rec | 137 Yards | 0 TD 

Second-year WR posted career highs in receptions and yards as he helped the Colts rally to beat the Vikings.

         29 Att | 160 Yards | 0 TD 

Peterson is averaging 100.3 rush yards per game (best mark in the league) since entering the NFL in 2007.

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