Game of the Week: As the world turns in Dallas

Everybody knew all about the tumultuous goings-on in Dallas during the week leading up to the Giants-Cowboys game.

Why, heck, it was a real soap opera. And while NBC began the Sunday night broadcast by name-checking DALLAS, an old-school TV soap opera, all of the drama surrounding the Cowboys had a decidedly modern tone. I mean, you had a seriously ripped guy complaining that he isn't catching as many "passes" as he should because a handsome guy prefers throwing to his tall, good-looking roommate. Now that's contemporary soap opera material.

While most of NBC's audience probably didn't know who JR was, they certainly know T.O., and, of course, Terrell Owens was at the center of the dramatics. As the World Turns? In Owens' mind, the world turns around Owens. As he's said on numerous occasions, he loves him some him. That's why he stirs up Passions and causes many fans to think that A Brighter Day is the day that TO is playing for another team. Just ask folks in Frisco and Philly.

Owens is a great player, but he wasn't a factor in the Giants game. He dropped the first pass thrown to him, heard a chorus of boos, then finished with three receptions. Meanwhile, just in case you were counting (and you know you were), Jason Witten caught five passes, including a clutch, tackle-breaking 11-yard gain on a third and 9 that helped sew up the win for Dallas. Witten was one of the objects of T.O.'s anger, but the tight end was The Guiding Light in this game.

As for Tony Romo, the "other man" in the melodrama, he took such a beating from the Giants defense, he seemed destined for the nearest General Hospital. Romo is a guy who can get dates with women who live in the 90210 area code, but he's no pretty boy. His courage was amply displayed against the Giants, and so was his talent. He threw for 244 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Actually, the real hero of the game turned out to be backup running back Tashard Choice. The rookie's heroics are beautifully documented in "Game of the Week." He gained 91 yards on just 9 carries and scored the game-clinching touchdown.

So, now's the time to cue the organ music and listen to the announcer ask: Will Tony, Jason, and T.O. find happiness together? Can All of Jerry Jones' Children make it to the Super Bowl and earn even more Dirty Sexy Money? Tune in next Sunday for our continuing saga ...

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