Game facts: Chiefs at Panthers

Next Gen Stat:  Cam Newton faced the blitz on a league-high 62.2 percent of pass plays in Week 9. On those plays, Newton had a 99.2 passer rating and was sacked four times. 

Inspired by Kansas City?:  The Panthers have won two straight games after starting 1-5. Last year, the Chiefs started 1-5 and won 10 straight en route to a playoff berth.

Tough road ahead:  The Panthers have the third-toughest remaining strength of schedule in the NFL (opponents have a combined record of 39-26). 

Mind-blowing stat:  Carolina's offense is actually averaging more yards per game than it did last year, but it is also averaging 0.9 more giveaways per game. 

Good run defense, bad pass defense:  The Panthers allow just 3.3 rush yards per carry (best in NFL), but they also allow 286.0 pass yards per game (29th) and 8.2 pass yards per attempt (28th). 

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