Game facts: Chiefs at Falcons

Next Gen Stat:Tyreek Hill reached a maximum speed of 22.77 MPH on his 86-yard TD return against Denver (fastest max speed by a ball carrier this season). 

Will Houston play?:Justin Houston had a huge game last week against Denver (10 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble), but he has been battling a shoulder injury this week. He missed practice Thursday.

Trouble blitzing: The Chiefs defense blitzed on 13 pass plays last week, allowing a 151.4 passer rating on those plays (worst in NFL in Week 12). 

Will Peters shadow Julio?:Per Next Gen Stats, Marcus Peters has never "shadowed" a receiver during a game this year. The second-year CB has lined up at the left cornerback position on 94.3 percent of his coverage in his career. 

Achilles heel: Kansas City has allowed a 73.0 passer rating to receivers lined up wide right this year (Marcus Peters' side). However, the Chiefs have allowed a 95.4 passer rating to WRs lined up wide left (Phillip Gaines' side). 

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