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Game Day First Recipe: Philly Cheesesteak Bowl and Avocado Corn Salsa

Philly Cheesesteak Bowl and Avocado Corn Salsa

 By Jack McDavid 

Philly Cheesesteak Bowl:

*Ingredients for 4 Bowls *

4 Avocadoes

12 oz of Ribeye Steak sliced thin

1 oz of virgin olive oil

1 oz shredded aged provolone

1 oz of sautéed onions

2 teaspoons of demi glace

Kosher Sea Salt and Pepper

Avocado Corn Salsa:

2 diced avocado

1/4 cup of fresh corn

8 ripe grape tomatoes, quartered

1 shallot, diced

1/4 cup of diced red onion

1 tsp of garlic, finely diced

2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

Kosher salt and pepper


Take 4 avocadoes and cut in half lengthwise, remove seed gently - you will now have 8 pieces of avocado

Take 4 pieces of avocado and slice avocado lengthwise into 1/4" strips

Gently remove avocado from skin - reserve skin for use as the "bowl"

Take the three or four longest strips and place back in "bowl" standing up against the inside of the avocado skin

Take other 4 pieces of avocado and score lengthwise into 1/4" strips and then score widthwise into 1/2" strips

Gently remove avocado from skin and reserve these pieces for avocado corn salsa

Place Skillet Over high heat

When skillet is smoking add olive oil

When olive oil is smoking add sliced ribeye

Season with salt and pepper

Break apart rib eye while it's cooking with two forks or tongs into bite size pieces

As ribeye browns add sautéed onions and demi glace

Cook for 2-3 minutes until meat is just cooked through and still tender

Add shredded aged provolone and mix into beef until just melted

Remove from heat and place into avocado bowl lined with fresh avocado

Top with Avocado Corn Salsa


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