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Galette: Saints locker room 'feels like a funeral'

The New Orleans Saints talked about giving the Atlanta Falconstheir funeral on Sunday. Instead, it was the Saints who had dirt shoveled on their 2014 graves.

"It sucks. We lost. Terrible year," linebacker Junior Galette said, per "I thought we'd be happy in the locker room right now, celebrating. Instead, it feels like a funeral in here."

All the glee was in Atlanta's locker room. The win propelled the Falcons to a Week 17 matchup against the Carolina Panthers for all the Mediocre Marbles in the NFC South.

"Today ... we just woke up out of the grave," Roddy White said, after dismissing Keenan Lewis' pregame comments because the corner missed a portion of the game due to injury.

"Over the past years, that's been a good football team," White added, noting the Falcons' season sweep. "They got a good quarterback. They always put themselves in position to be a great team and have postseason success, so to eliminate those guys, yes, that feels really good, doesn't it? Today is a good day."

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