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Frazier: Chance at winning will dictate Vikings' QB decision

The stability and experience that Donovan McNabb was supposed to bring to Minnesota's offense while rookie Christian Ponder learned to play quarterback in the NFL has yielded one win in six games. That has left Vikings coach Leslie Frazier considering a quarterback change.

Frazier said Monday he'll take the next two days to talk with his staff and promised a decision Wednesday.

Ponder relieved McNabb for the fourth quarter of Sunday's 39-10 loss at Chicago, with the Vikings on their way to a 1-5 record. The NFC North standings suggest pride is all that Minnesota can salvage from the 2011 season, though Frazier refused to turn his focus to the future.

"I don't think we are at that point (of looking at 2010), this next game is at home against the defending world champions, and we still have some things to play for in this 2011 season," Frazier said. "Right now, 2012 is not on the radar as we prepare for this next ballgame."

Frazier was steadfast in his defense of McNabb until after the drubbing by the Bears. The coach hasn't come close to criticizing the 34-year-old six-time Pro Bowl pick, whom he pushed the organization to acquire in a trade, after the lockout prevented Ponder from practicing all spring and summer with the team. Frazier has stopped endorsing McNabb as the starter, however, a possible sign of an impending move.

Frazier said the "determining" factor ultimately would be giving the team its best chance to win.

"We're going to talk about a lot of things, but the primary point will be what's best for our team as we go forward," Frazier said.

The Vikings could make a strong argument that, despite the lack of development time for Ponder, playing the rookie is not only good for the future but the right move to give the offense more life for the present. Frazier said he doesn't want to flip-flop from week to week, so if Ponder receives the nod, the job probably will be his for good -- and McNabb, conceivably, could have played his final NFL game.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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