Frank Gore angry at San Francisco 49ers' Jim Harbaugh

We opened Sunday night's "Around The League Podcast" with a look at the beatdown that unfolded in San Francisco, where the visiting Indianapolis Colts took care of business in a 27-7 win over the 49ers.

The second loss of the season for Jim Harbaugh's bunch raises plenty of questions. Colin Kaepernick struggled for the second straight game, the defense couldn't stop Ahmad Bradshaw on the ground and we saw the 49ers go away from their beloved running game as the contest fell away.

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San Francisco running back Frank Gore piled up 82 yards on 11 carries. Another two catches for 21 yards gave the Pro Bowl back 13 touches on the afternoon, but he got the ball just four times in the second half.

Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle reported Gore was angry and "had choice words for Harbaugh near the end of the game, as (he) was heading out to the field."

Gore might be steamed, but it's not as if the 49ers went elsewhere. Kaepernick threw a manageable 27 passes, and Kendall Hunter and Anthony Dixon combined for just five carries on the day. The lack of opportunity had more to do with a Colts offense that ground down San Francisco's defense and controlled the ball for more than 36 minutes.

After being manhandled by the Seattle Seahawksin Week 2, the 49ers lost at their own game Sunday. As for Gore, he'll have a chance to make his case Thursday night in a tilt with the St. Louis Rams that now looms as a must-win affair for Harbaugh's one-win squad.

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