Four-team race begins for final GameDay Morning playoff spot

Four weeks remain in the regular season of the NFL GameDay Morning fantasy league. That means four weeks to sort out the logjam for the final few playoff spots. It also means every win and loss becomes magnified, starting now.

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The Stallions are holding on to one of the final playoff spots, and Dales can get in with a little help. But with a pair of suspect fantasy running backs, that help might not come. The Stallions will lean on LeSean McCoy and Ben Roethlisberger to get a win to keep them in the playoff hunt.

Predicted outcome: The Stallions' depth proves to be just enough to pull out a win.

Both teams have identical 3-6 records and are essentially playing for pride. Despite that, it could be an entertaining matchup with both sides fielding quality fantasy quarterbacks, running backs and receivers. This one could come down to the Monday night game.

Predicted outcome: Lombardi hangs on to win a nailbiter.

Kurt's Krew is 4-5, but with a slew of teams sporting the same record, they're far from out of the playoff race. To hang in, however, they need to take down the Champ, who is currently the No 2 seed in the playoffs. A big week from Eli Manning and Adrian Peterson could go a long way.

Predicted outcome: The Krew keeps hope alive with a big win.

Frickin got off to a Flantastic start thanks to Michael Bush, and it's needed going up against a strong Plantar Smashiitis lineup. Both teams are pretty safe for the playoffs, but this could be a shootout nonetheless. The Drew Brees-Tony Romo matchup should be one to watch.

Predicted outcome: The early lead holds up as Flantastic gets to 9-1.

Possibly the most pivotal matchup of the week. Both teams are 4-5 with The Play Makers holding the final playoff spot. A disappointing performance from Vincent Jackson leaves them in a tenuous spot. With Cam Newton and Plaxico Burress having great matchups, Faulk Hero could easily turn things around.

Predicted outcome: The revolving playoff door continues to spin after Faulk Hero nets a win.

As the current fifth seed, the Kukars couldn't have picked a better time to face the Reducers. Aaron Rodgers and Willis McGahee have fantastic matchups, and the contest is tailor-made for a victory. Then again, stranger things have happened, and big days from Mike Vick and Michael Turner could ruin the Kukars' plans.

Predicted outcome: Things will hold to form as the Kukars stay on track.

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