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Former teammate says Moss fits in with Patriots, Bears

It turns out Cris Carter has all sorts of strong opinions on Randy Moss.

Among them are where Moss, Carter's teammate for four seasons in Minnesota, could earn paychecks next season now that he's announced his intention to return to the NFL.

Not all of Carter's opinions on Moss are complimentary. But Carter does think Moss can still play, at least when he has incentive to do so. A lot has to happen before team's will ask Moss to put his signature to paper, but his agent, Joel Segal, told's Steve Wyche teams did show early interest in gathering preliminary information.

Carter, meanwhile, has two possible destinations in mind.

"I believe the best place for him is New England," Carter told WQAM in Miami, via "Now I believe a team that might want to look at him is Chicago with Jay Cutler and Mike Tice because him and Mike Tice get along great. He has respect for Tice. Jay Cutler and Moss? I think they could work that out."

The Patriots are a popular media choice as a destination for Moss, although New England jumped at the chance to acquire a third-round pick from the Vikings after four weeks of the 2010 season. The Patriots got a record-breaking 2007 season out of Moss and two more productive campaigns before cutting ties after the wide receiver began voicing unhappiness about his contract leading up to the 2010 season.

The Bears have an ongoing need for capable receivers and a quarterback with a very big arm. And Tice, the team's new offensive coordinator, is not only a figure Moss reportedly respects, but the guy who derived the infamous "Randy Ratio" to appease the mercurial receiver with a certain amount of looks.

As for other destinations, the Dallas Cowboys have already opted out of the Moss sweepstakes. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher spoke highly of Moss, but was non-committal on the idea of him as a fit in St. Louis.

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