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Former NFL players react to concussion lawsuit settlement

Senior U.S. District Judge Anita Brody on Thursday outlined a proposed $765 million settlement between the NFL and more than 4,500 former players regarding concussion-related lawsuits. Here's a roundup of reactions from current and former players:

"The compensation provided in this settlement will lift a huge burden off the men who are suffering right now, for both them and their families, of course. It will give them the peace of mind to have the best quality of life they can have. No longer have to make decisions regarding their health based on what they can afford, but based on what is the best treatment for them." -- former NFL running back Kevin Turner, per The Associated Press

"I knew that it was a pending case and that there were strong feelings on both sides. I think it shows that, obviously the NFL they're not admitting they didn't reveal information about concussions. But they obviously acknowledge that it's been an issue for a long time, you know, before it was sort of popular. At first blush, I love the sound of it. I think it will go a long ways with former players and even current players." -- former NFL running back Barry Sanders to ESPN News

"My whole deal, and the other lawsuit with images, is all about health care, which we don't have. Some reporter called and said, 'That comes out to $170,000 per man.' I said, 'Good, I don't want that. I want health care.' Because what good is the money going to do you? My whole thing through this whole thing is we lived our dreams, the players, and now our families live our nightmares. Let's help take care of the women and the kids who have to take care of their dads from this stuff." -- Joe DeLamielleure, the Hall of Fame offensive lineman with the Buffalo Bills to The AP

"I'm shocked that it is settled. I'm used to the NFL taking a hard-line approach as they have throughout the years with strikes and everything else. I'm curious how they came up with the figure and I've got a lot of questions, but I am happy that it's done. Any time the NFL acknowledges they are ready to settle something, it shows they knew they had some sort of negligence." -- Lomas Brown, a seven-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle with the Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to The AP

"Wow. I'm glad to see this has come to somewhat of an end. But the research obviously is going to be important; the safety of the players is going to be extremely important." -- Tony Dorsett, Dallas CowboysHall of Fame running back, to The AP

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