Former Jets DE Gholston says he got a raw deal from Ryan

Vernon Gholston, the former first-round pick whose New York Jets career was a bust before the team released him during the offseason, slammed Jets coach Rex Ryan on Monday, saying the coach and the Jets organization didn't give him a fair chance.

The New York Postreported that the former Ohio State Buckeye -- who had zero sacks in 42 games in his Jets career -- made the comments after his new team, the Chicago Bears, lost a preseason game to the Giants, 41-13, in New Meadowlands Stadium.

"I heard how he was perceiving me before the 2008] draft, before he knew me, and I was the same way -- I wasn't hoping for him to be [my] first coach of the [Jets when I was there, either," said Gholston, who was picked sixth overall in the 2008 NFL Draft when Eric Mangini was still coaching the Jets.

On Tuesday, Ryan admitted that he may have indeed pre-judged Gholston.

"I would've liked to have Vernon back… he was getting better," Ryan said. "He wasn't going to be the next Deacon Jones, no, (but) he has the right to feel that way."

Ryan took a few shots at Gholston in his book, "Play Like You Mean It," according to ESPN. "He's a good athlete and a smart guy," Ryan wrote, "but I thought he was a phony."

"Being a first-round pick, you would have hoped for more (of a chance)," said Gholston.

"Rex made a comment to me when he first came in that he thought I wasn't liked by the guys on the team, then once he got there he saw that wasn't the case," Gholston said. "Those perceptions kind of determine the outcome, and it's sad to say."

Gholston, a backup defensive end for the Bears, also accused Ryan, who was the Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator before the Jets hired him prior to the 2009 season, of playing favorites with players such as Bart Scott, who also came over from Baltimore.

"Whenever you have a new coach, you hope everything's fair," Gholston said. "But obviously, he was in Baltimore for a number of years and has a passion for those guys."

Despite his lack of production, Gholston expressed optimism about his NFL career.

"Teams are always looking for talent, and to say I don't have talent is a far stretch," Gholston said. "It's all about getting a fair shot and time in the system. With the Jets, it was constant position change and coaching change. There was no stability. I never really had that with the Jets."

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