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Former Bucs great Selmon upset to be linked with lawsuit

Hall of Fame defensive end Lee Roy Selmon wants to clear the air: He has not spoken to attorneys in Los Angeles who are preparing a lawsuit filed by several former Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the National Football League and helmet manufacturers.

Selmon told The Tampa Tribune on Wednesday that he was "appalled" to learn his name was mistakenly included in the lawsuit and only found out about the lawsuit after news reports linked him and his brother, former Bucs' linebacker Dewey Selmon, with other plaintiffs.

"I want to clear this up," Selmon said. "I have not filed any lawsuit whatever. I have no intention whatsoever of filing a lawsuit. I'm upset about this. All I know is the same as you guys (media) have been finding out, but no one involved in this has talked to me.

"I want to make it very clear that while other players may have spoken to an attorney, I have spoken with no one."

The lawsuit originally listed Selmon as a plaintiff and said he suffers from "multiple past traumatic brain injuries with various symptoms, including, but not limited to, memory loss, headaches, and sleeplessness."

Attorneys in the case admitted late Tuesday that Selmon and his brother were mistakenly included in their legal brief. They said they will make the necessary corrections.

Linking him to post-traumatic medical conditions particularly galled Selmon, who said, "I don't have those types of issues -- headaches, memory loss, sleeplessness -- none whatsoever. I want to be clear about that," Selmon said.

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