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Former Broncos CB Cox doesn't testify in sexual assault trial

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Former Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox told a judge Thursday that he wouldn't testify at his sexual assault trial, a decision that came after jurors saw video of him expressing shock that the alleged victim was pregnant and that he was accused of raping her.

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Cox is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his apartment over Labor Day weekend 2010. He was arrested after the woman realized she was pregnant and contacted police.

Cox is being tried on one count of sexual assault while the victim was physically helpless and one count of sexual assault while the victim was incapable of determining the nature of the conduct. He faces two years to life in prison if convicted.

The woman testified Wednesday, saying she had a fuzzy memory of what happened that night and suspected she was drugged.

Cox's attorney, Harvey Steinberg, has sought to paint a picture of drunkenness over Labor Day weekend in 2010 and failed sexual relations between Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and the woman, as well as possible sexual relations between the woman and Carthy Che, a woman Cox was dating at the time.

On Wednesday, Che, Thomas and the woman, whom The Associated Press is not naming because she is the alleged victim of a sex crime, were among those who testified.

Both Thomas and the woman testified that they kissed during a car ride to Cox's apartment from a nightclub and then kissed again while on an air mattress in Cox's living room. The woman testified she doesn't remember much after kissing Thomas and that she suspected that she had been drugged, possibly at the nightclub, after she woke up feeling sick later that day.

Prosecutor Chris Gallo in his closing argument pointed to evidence that Cox's DNA matched the fetus, and he says the woman was incapable of giving consent that night.

Steinberg told jurors that just because she didn't remember having sex doesn't mean rape occurred.

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