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Forbes: Roger Goodell steers NFL well amid concussion issue

The concussion issue has been at the forefront of pro football for the past few years. Some pundits have been writing that developments about head injuries eventually will hurt the NFL because fewer players will be drawn to the game. Others claim the push for more player safety rules is causing the game to go soft.

However, Forbes reported in this week's issue that contrary to some thinking, the NFL is not in decline because of the concussion issues. The league, in fact, is doing just fine, at least from a financial standpoint under Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The report said the NFL dominated the U.S. TV ratings last year in nearly all key demographics.

Plus, the league is making all the right moves from a corporate standpoint when it comes to the concussion issue. For instance, the Head Health Challenge with General Electric shows the NFL is trying to make a difference with concussion technology for the general public.

This isn't the first time the league has been faced with negative publicity over an issue about the physicality of the game.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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