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For the 'Undrafted,' waiting is the hardest part

In which our six underdog heroes wait for a phone call that may never come ...

The best title for the third episode of Undrafted might be "The Waiting."

I've enjoyed the faux Explosions In The Sky score of NFL Network's latest original series, but I'd certainly jump at the opportunity to slide in a Petty classic that would connect with the head space of our six NFL hopefuls.

Because there's nothing else to do but wait. During Thursday's premiere -- which will re-air on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET -- the phone call goes out to four of the six subjects. They'll move on to Detroit, where they will participate in the Super Regional Combine. Their NFL dream is very much alive.

The road is far less certain for former Bears running back Harvey Unga and Morehouse College linebacker Elijah Anderson, who do not get the call. It's a humbling setback that makes their challenge even greater.

"There is no other game in the world that will teach you about life more than the game of football," says former Memphis safety Akeem Davis.

Undrafted continues to deliver great human moments on a weekly basis. Terrance Lewis donates his time working with kids at a local high school and recalls the last conversation he had with his father before he went back to prison. Jonathon Sharpe worries he'll work for his father's extermination company forever. Nnamdi Obukwelu remembers writing an essay as a fifth-grader in which he expressed his dream to be a professional athlete.

"Great dream," his teacher wrote in response. "But try to be more realistic with your ideas."

That dream remains, and it's not quite so far-fetched anymore.

"Undrafted" is a six-part series that airs each Tuesday through Dec. 9, with special advance premieres each week after "Thursday Night Football." Digitally, "Undrafted" will be made available on NFL NOW through the service's premium tier, NFL NOW Plus.

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