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For starters: Vikes' Robison wants job; Edwards can have raise

Brian Robison doesn't begrudge fellow Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards for wanting to be paid more.

But Robison made one thing clear on 1500 ESPN's "Reusse & Mackey" show Tuesday: He wants the starting job that the unsigned -- and possibly unrestricted free agent -- Edwards has held.

"He deserves that payday, and at the same time, I feel like I deserve the right to start," Robison told the Twin Cities radio station. "I feel like I've fought every year for that right to start and haven't really got the shot that I deserve yet, and hopefully, now I'll get that shot and he'll go get his payday and we'll all be happy."

The remarks were the latest in a series of offseason verbal vollies between the two, something that was sparked when the Vikings gave Robison a three-year, $14.1 million contract in March just days after tendering Edwards, who has twice as many sacks during the past four seasons, for one year at a bit more than $2.8 million.

Edwards has taken the Vikings to task for the salary disparity since, including on the same radio station in May.

"I've openly said I won't play for the Vikings, because of the simple fact of my backup is getting paid 70 more percent than I am," Edwards said. "There's no way I can do that to myself."

Robison said he hasn't taken Edwards' comments personally.

"I know Ray and I've seen some of the comments he made and we've talked about it," Robison said. "He means no harm about it -- he's doing what he has to do to get his payday, and he definitely deserves a payday. He's had two great seasons playing left defensive end for us. He's definitely made a name for himself."

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