Flanagan looks to take control of GameDay Morning League

Then there was one. Starting Week 5 of the fantasy football season, there is only one unbeaten team remaining in the NFL GameDay Morning League. And it's probably not who you think it is. Meanwhile, there are serious logjams in both divisions with almost everyone still with a solid shot at the playoffs. Almost.

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It's just been one of those years for Lombardi where everything goes wrong. If one of his stars isn't getting hurt, then they're just underperforming. The Ryan Grant-Frank Gore backfield doesn't inspire confidence. As for Kurt's Krew, they haven't been dominating, but have still put together back-to-back wins. To make it three straight, he'll need to lean on Adrian Peterson and DeSean Jackson

Predicted outcome: The misery continues on Broadway as the Krew collects its third consecutive win.

Last week, Stacey was done in by a host of mediocre performances. This week, many of those same players are in the lineup, but have more advantageous matchups. Alex Flanagan's feeling Flantastic as the league's only 4-0 team, but the first bye week of the year forces her to put big point producer Ray Rice on the bench. Still Drew Brees and Wes Welker are capable of exploding at any time.

Predicted outcome: It will be close, but Flantastic stays perfect.

One of the more intriguing matchups of the week pits Rich Eisen's Kukars against Marshall Faulk's Hero. Without having a marquee running back, Eisen is still a force to be reckoned with -- having Aaron Rodgers helps. Meanwhile, Faulk needs to avoid losing his third straight game after a 2-0 start. No small task with four of his key contributors on byes.

Predicted outcome: The bye week is this Hero's kryptonite as the Kukars get above .500.

Two teams at opposite ends of the spectrum. At 1-3, Jason La Canfora's Sonic Reducers are looking for a spark from somewhere, but is lacking the depth to make a serious charge. Michael Fabiano's Stallions are 3-1 and have been finding a way to make it work despite a handful of underperformers this year. This game could hinge on a pair of quarterbacks with similar styles -- Michael Vick and Cam Newton.

Predicted outcome: The Stallions depth wins out and lets them gallop off with a win.

With the play makers on Michael Irvin's Play Makers roster, it's amazing that he's 1-3. This week, he has quite a few matchups in his favor and is a strong contender to be the high-point scorer of the week. On the other side, the first bye week of the season has hit Steve Mariucci's Militia pretty hard and a win would be pretty miraculous.

Predicted outcome: The Play Makers win in a rout. It could be over before the late games kick off.

It looks like Warren "Champ" Sapp is seeing his first bit of adversity this season. He suffered his first loss last week after Andre Johnson went down with an injury. This week, he has five players on byes, forcing him to start his "B" squad. With a big game from the quarterback position and Matt Forte, Elliot Harrison's Plantar Smashiitis can take over the lead in the division.

Predicted outcome: The byes will be Sapp's demise this week as Smashiitis rises..

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