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Five takeaways from 'Top 100' reveal of 30-21

NFL Network continued "The Top 100 Players 2015" countdown on Wednesday, revealing players 30 through 21 on the list. Our five takeaways from the latest episode:

  1. Drew Brees drops 24 spots from last year, coming in at No. 30. It's a fair slide for Brees, who made too many killer mistakes for a Saints team that went 7-9 in the weakest division in football. The struggles weren't all on Brees -- Rob Ryan's defense fell to pieces in spectacular fashion -- but Brees wasn't good enough to cover the blemishes this time. NFL players, who handle all the voting in the Top 100, obviously read my Superstar Club column. (Note: They did not.)
  1. Brees was one of three quarterbacks revealed on Wednesday. Ben Roethlisberger (No. 26) and Russell Wilson (No. 22) also made their Top 100 debut. Both Roethlisberger (No. 31 in 2014) and Wilson (No. 20 in 2014) remained in the same vicinity as last year, which makes sense. Big Ben has been one of the NFL's most consistent performers for years. Wilson, meanwhile, probably would have found himself in the top 10 if not for that Malcolm Butler fellow.
  1. Let Wednesday's episode serve as a reminder that the Browns are hardly a franchise devoid of talent. Left tackle Joe Thomas ranks 25th on this year's list, two spots behind Browns cornerback Joe Haden at 23. Depressing fun fact of the day: Josh Gordon was ranked 16th on the Top 100 last year. What's the percent chance Johnny Manziel cracks this list in 2016? Be nice.
  1. Not enough love for Justin Houston, who lands at No. 27 in the season after he lit up opposing linemen for 22 sacks. We get the feeling he'd earn his rightful place in the top 20 if he were playing in a more visible market than Kansas City.
  1. Back-to-back McCoys at 29 and 28 with LeSean and Gerald. LeSean McCoy took a step back last year after his dominant 2013 campaign in Philadelphia, and he dropped all the way from the No. 5 spot as a result. We love when this countdown has sound logic. Gerald McCoy, meanwhile, remains locked in at 28th, the same ranking he had a year ago. Fair or not, it's hard to make a charge up the Top 100 when your team goes 2-14.

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