Five hottest takes from Colts' fake punt debacle

The Coltsattempted a trick play against the Patriots on Sunday night involving Around The NFL Madden league MVP Griff Whalen that didn't go very well. Perhaps you heard about it.

Had it worked, we'd all be extolling the craftiness of Chuck Pagano and saying the Colts are electric and crafty.

Instead, and inevitably, the hottest of takes were already lined up to greet the 3-3 Colts as they woke up. We'll do them -- and everyone else -- a favor and assemble them all here in an easy-to-digest listicle format.

Without further ado...

1. 10-year NFL veteran offensive lineman Tony Pashos:

Yikes. A little hard on Griff, no? Check out Pashos' feed for some more heat we couldn't publish here. Anyway, moving on ...

2. NFL Network's Heath Evans

Speaking Monday morning on NFL HQ:

"Don't think about it too hard, because it was ridiculous. I tweeted out last night idiotic and desperate. And that's really what it was. Here's what I have the problem with, and T.D. you know this, when you establish these trick plays throughout the week, they've probably repped this five, six, maybe even seven times. They don't even get the formation correct. So we want to talk about the snap and snapping it prematurely, instead of taking the penalty, but what about the other eight or nine guys not lined up correctly? So all across the board, it just looked bad.

"Second thing, trick plays, they're a sign of being desperate. We ran one in the Super Bowl, not out of being desperate, but it was Peyton Manning in his prime with the Colts. We knew we had to steal a possession to beat Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 44. Onside kickoff to open up the second half, we got that. But this, all night just screamed of different levels of saying, 'We can't beat them straight up, we better find a way to do it.'"

3. Indy Star columnist Gregg Doyel

The Colts were stupid. No, they were worse than stupid. They were shockingly stupid, dumber than they've been all season, dumb like they've not been since they were trading a first-round draft pick for Trent Richardson.

Doyel also called the play "Fourth and Dumb," and said this was Chuck Pagano's last stand.

4. NBC commentators Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth

Live in action, via ...

Collinsworth: "There is absolutely no way possible that they should have snapped that ball and tried to sneak it. There were three, four, five guys around two players. That was insane. You got a guy on either side of them! What are you doing here? They don't even try to run a play. We've seen a lot of bizarre stuff. I have never seen anything more bizarre than that. What was the plan?"

Michaels: "I don't know. It looked completely nuts."

Collinsworth: "It had to be complete screw up. I mean, it's the only explanation."

5. The replies to this tweet. Because really, there is only one question...

Hoo boy.

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