Fitzpatrick is the guy to target on the wire this week

The Giants faking an injury to slow down St. Louis' no-huddle offense was offensive. I mean, I did not mind it as a cheap ploy to stop the St. Louis offense -- that is part of the rules. Teams need to get creative to stop the other team, it is in the job description.

The offensive thing was that it was so bad. Really, what the hell were those Giants doing? The acting needs to be much better. If you really want to learn out to flop around on the field, watch an EPL match. Or, maybe a Boston Celtics game. Nobody has ever done it better than Paul Pierce.

Just don't ask John Cena what it is like to sell an injury, he would never know. Cena was the guy who was beaten up by the Miz and Alex Riley, who were wielding 2x4s on a PPV earlier this year, yet somehow showed no signs of the injury the next night on RAW.

Just be better, Giants. That is all that I ask. And it is the same thing that I would be asking from your quarterback. Nobody gets more excuses made for him than Eli Manning. Yes, the Giants have some injuries and lost their tight end. Did you see what Philip Rivers did last year with a bunch of no-name receivers? And Eli was the one running around this summer telling everybody that he was part of the elite. So where is it? You are not even a passable fantasy quarterback at this point.

But again, I am spending too much time on the Giants.

Now who has questions?

Think I should add Helu? I own Hightower, but the 2nd half was bothersome for me ... Hightower hardly saw the ball. -- Joshua Lewis Hill (via Twitter)
This goes out to anybody who lost Jamaal Charles this week, and anybody who has a running back on their team (that would be all of you), handcuff your starters. And right now, it looks like Roy Helu is the only viable guy probably still available. Just be sure you are ready to go if you have an injury.

Fitzpatrick or Grossman???? -- Michael Donauer (via Facebook)
Rex Grossman has a great matchup against the Cowboys this week. Ryan Fitzpatrick has a great matchup against the Patriots this week. New England has surrendered the third-most fantasy points to quarterbacks in this young season. Fitzpatrick would be my first choice this week, followed by Grossman (if you are adding guys).

Should I start Newton over Freeman and I also need to start two WRs from Roddy White, Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith (Car) and Brandon Lloyd -- Travis Nail (via Facebook)
White and Wayne should be your starting receivers, we will start there. And just as you should be handcuffing your running backs, make sure you have Eric Decker on your team. Even if Lloyd plays, Eddie Royal is injured, making Decker a valuable commodity.

My gut reaction to your quarterback deal is to go with Newton. But, I am just about ready to dive into my rankings, and we still have the Thursday and Friday re-Ranks. Let's not make too many big decisions just yet.

Matt Stafford on the road against the Vikings' defense, or Cam Newton vs. Jacksonville? I know Philip Rivers shredded the Vikings, but I don't think Stafford is the same caliber as Rivers. -- Sam Green (via Facebook)
Are you sure about that, Sam? Stafford is quickly starting to break into the "much-start" status with guys like Rivers. I still go with Stafford. I want more from Newton. If he has another big game, trade somebody.

Gotta get rid of one of my three TEs... Finley, Keller or Winslow? -- Andrew Kinross (via Twitter)
There is no reason to keep Kellen Winslow on your roster. As stated in Monday's "Yet to be named PM mail drop" familiarity can sometimes lead you to make bad decisions in fantasy football. Jermichael Finley and Dustin Keller should be fine for you going forward, with Finley getting the starts when he is healthy.

Would u pick Thomas Miami up over McCluster? -- Lance Overdorf (via Twitter)
I like Daniel Thomas over Dexter McCluster this week. Let me put down some rankings for waiver-wire guys, based on this week's availability. (Hey, if Tom Brady is available in your league, pick him up.)

Roy Helu
Willis McGahee
Thomas Jones

David Nelson
Eric Decker
Dexter McCluster (he's listed as a WR)

For the record, you can submit your fantasy questions to Fantasy Live, Michael Fabiano or me on Twitter. But realize, Fantasy has 15,000 followers, Fabiano has 25,000, me, I only have 1,500. So your odds are better that I will answer a question, just based on the numbers. So hit me up on both via Twitter or via Facebook. Be sure to catch the latest on the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

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