Fitzgerald: Cards have 'a different hero every game'

Following a 23-20 win over the Vikings on Thursday night at home, Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said something that could not have better encapsulated Arizona's season to this point.

"It's a different hero every game," Fitzgerald said, via The Arizona Republic.

Last night, it may have been Fitzgerald for a moment after a key block sprangMichael Floyd for a touchdown early in the third quarter, but by the end there was no doubt 35-year-old Dwight Freeney took home the honors.

Freeney was probably thrilled to find out that he triggered a $200,000 incentive in his contract with the strip sack of Teddy Bridgewater to end the game, which triggers an even higher incentive system for each additional sack he gets for the remainder of the season.

But nothing beats the win, which happened in prime time and elevated the Cardinals to 12-2 on the season.

"You can't duplicate moments like this in life," Freeney said. "To be able to have this type of dream situation, fourth quarter, game on the line ... I was able to make a play."

Fitzgerald may not realize it now, but this is how people talk about Super Bowl teams. The Cardinals are so deep and well-coached that they can hurl a 35-year-old pass-rushing specialist off the blind side to win the game. They have future Hall of Famers used to racking up 1,000-yard seasons throwing great blocks. They have a 35-year-old quarterback playing quite possibly the best season of his career. Carson Palmer broke Kurt Warner's single-season Cardinals touchdown record Thursday night with his 31st touchdown pass.

Warner set that record back in 2008, the year the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl.

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