Fisher: Rams have talked to NFL about concrete track

The Rams are, almost impossibly, dealing with a workplace safety issue in their home stadium.

In back-to-back weeks, Rams opponents have been injured slipping on the concrete track that lines the field at the Edward Jones Dome. Last week, Browns quarterback Josh McCown jammed his shoulder when he was unable to stop his momentum and crashed into the wall. And on Sunday, 49ers running back Reggie Bush slipped and collided feet first with the wall, suffering a knee injury that will likely end his season.

You might remember this is the same Edward Jones Dome that had a pyrotechnics-induced turf fire back in September. Rams coach Jeff Fisher addressed the concrete situation this week.

"Let me just say this, there have been hundreds of games here and they haven't had any issues with it," he said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "I don't know whether it was different before I got here, but it's been consistent. The organization, we have had discussions with the NFL league office to see if there's something we can do.

"This is kind of out of my deal, but player safety is of the utmost importance. ... We're going to do whatever we need to do to make sure that we don't have an issue with it."

One solution: BUY MORE ARTIFICIAL TURF. Another: Find a different place to play ... which might be what actually ends up happening.

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