Final MVP rankings: Who should win the top honor?

Now that the 2016 NFL regular season is over, Gregg Rosenthal presents his final rankings for the league's most valuable player. The league's Most Valuable Player Award will be presented at NFL Honors on Feb. 4.

Note: Arrows reflect changes from Rosenthal's last MVP Ranking.

He does more for his team than any other quarterback. Missing four games could understandably cost Brady the award, but he played the position at a higher level than anyone with improved feet and amazingly few mistakes. ProFootball Focus' grading system agrees and Brady's record-setting touchdown-to-interception ratio (28:2) gives him a chance with voters.

Brady is my choice. Ryan is my guess for the most likely winner of the award. He would be incredibly deserving and was the best big-play quarterback in football all season. He only gets knocked slightly below Brady for all of the support around him and the lack of that "MVP moment" in a big spot.

The Cowboys' offensive line's dominance should not detract from Elliott's pure strength and ability to move for his size. Despite sitting out Week 17, Elliott finished 318 rushing yards ahead of the second-place rusher this season. All of Dallas' success flows from the running game.

The first half of the season matters. Rodgers' final month topped anything from Ryan or Brady, but it's not like they stumbled down the stretch. They didn't give Rodgers enough room to pass them.

Not since LaDainian Tomlinson's 2006 MVP season has a player accounted for over 2,000 yards from scrimmage with 20 touchdowns. The MVP is a funny award. In another season, possibly one in which the Cardinals kicker was more accurate, Johnson could have won the award.

If this was a "fun to watch" rankings, Bell would be ranked first. His patience, insane cuts and receiving ability are well known, but Bell's underrated power also helps him pick up tough yards.

It's rare that a receiver carries a quarterback, but that's exactly what happened with the Giants this season. No one does a better job making an errant pass look on target or taking a routine slant the distance.

The Raiders' offense was an awesome machine, with Carr pulling the levers. In an era where rookie quarterbacks have sizzled only to fall apart later, Carr's slow ascension to superstardom has been as steady as his leadership.

This Colts team was so flawed in its construction that it might have won three games with a league average quarterback. Luck had plenty of "wow" moments and cut way down on his mental errors. This was the year he turned into a "veteran" quarterback.

This is my sneaky way of including my Defensive Player of the Year choice. Von Miller and Aaron Donald would both be fine picks as well, but Mack's game-changing plays in the second half of the season give him a slight edge.

Dropped out:Matthew Stafford, QB, Lions (Last week: 8).

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